Dance Recital Info (Methuen)
Sat., June 17th

1.  In regards to the dress rehearsals (at the Methuen High School Auditorium), performers should come dressed in costume, minus the performance tights, and proceed to the gym.  All dancers must attend the dress rehearsal in order to perform in  the show.  Only females are allowed in the gym (boys will have their own dressing room), so please make appropriate arrangements when scheduling who will bring your dancer (s) to the rehearsal.  If the performers are in more than one dance, they should dress in the costume that they are wearing first and bring the others on hangers.  When dealing with costume accessories, it is easier to put all accessories (tights, gloves, headpieces, feathers, etc.) associated with a costume in the bags that we’ve supplied with your costume.  Make sure to label all costume pieces and shoes to avoid mixing costumes with other dancers and so that when we find anything that has been left behind, it can be identified. 

2.  For, both, the rehearsal and the performance, please have dancers leave all jewelry, including rings and earrings, at home.  

3.  All dance shoes should be cleaned before the recital.  Any all purpose household cleaner will do.  Make sure that all white tap shoes have their original white ribbons in them.  If you have misplaced them, you can purchase 1/2” gross grain ribbon at any sewing or craft store (1 yard cut into 2 equal pieces).  Make sure to double knot all tap shoes.  We have seen many a child stop dancing to tie a bow and before they know it, their dance is over.  

4.  Each class has been instructed on a specific hair style.  If you are unsure, please ask your child’s teacher.  If your hairstyle is a bun, the secret is a hairnet.  They are available in any pharmacy such as CVS, Rite Aid & Walgreens, to name a few.  They come in envelopes of three and should be the same color as the performers hair.  Use bobby pins to secure shorter pieces and again, they should be the same color as the performers hair.  Bangs must be pulled off of the face as they cast a shadow over the dancer’s eyes.  All hairstyles should be sprayed with hairspray to keep it in place during the performance.  Note: Gel can also be used to pull shorter hair into a bun or a pony tail.  Even classes who have been instructed to keep hair down should spray it to prevent fly-aways.  

5.  Make up onstage is necessary to prevent your dancer’s face from becoming washed out.  Mauve or pink eye shadow, blush (high in the cheekbone), clear red lipstick and mascara should be applied on the day of the recital.  Please refrain from using body or hair glitter.  It is not necessary to put make up on the dancers for dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsals are used to eliminate costume mishaps and work out any technical glitches so that we can bring you as professional a show as possible.

6.  Dancers should not wear undergarments.  They hang down and show under the tights.  We have ordered high quality tights for this reason.  Think of it like a bathing suit.  The tights will be distributed as the show draws near and are only to be worn on the day of the recital.  On the dress rehearsal, the dancers can wear their class tights.

7.  No one is allowed in the auditorium for the dress rehearsals.  Please inform whoever will be taking your dancer so that there are no misunderstandings.  The dress rehearsal is also used as a technical rehearsal for the backstage crew and it must be completely quiet in the auditorium.  

8.  On the day of the recital, performers are to arrive no later than 10:15 am for the 11:00 show and 1:15 pm for the 2:00 show.  Please factor in parking and travel time.  Dancers are to stay in their assigned dressing rooms during the entire performance.  We will provide water in the dressing rooms and ask that although the dancers should be hydrated it will be necessary to make sure that our younger dancers have used the bathrooms well before it is their turn to go onstage. All students are in the Finale’.  Do not take your dancer into the auditorium during the show.  The dressing rooms are quite large and the dancers will get to see the recital, as it is being performed, on closed circuit TV.   

9. We know that you want pictures of your child performing, so we have hired a professional videographer to tape the show for you.  Video equipment and flash photography are not allowed in the auditorium.  The flash is disruptive and dangerous to our dancers and cannot be permitted. It also distorts our video.  There will be staff members in the audience to strictly enforce this rule.  Please inform your guests.  The professional videographer will capture it all.

10. Any and all balances should be cleared up by June.  Dancers will not be allowed to perform with an outstanding balance, of any kind.

11. We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.  Please, remember that throughout the year we try to make your child’s dance experience as positive as possible. We understand that you may have had to leave work early or arrange for a baby sitter for younger siblings, but try to stay positive in front of your dancer, so that all of the time and energy, as well as sacrifices, will be worth it.  We ask you to adhere to the rules and regulations for the benefit of our dancers and the quality of the performance. We are also training dancers to  continue on in a professional capacity and this is part of their training.  This may not be as important to the parents of a 5 year old but, trust me, this will be extremely important to that very same dancer 10 years from now.  I am quite sure that there are studios out there where your child can come out and sit in the audience and there are camera flashes going off every 10 seconds.  The staff at Dance Images Dance Center respects the time and energy that you and your families have put into your training to put on such a show. Every year, we are consistently being told that our show is among the most professional.  We can only bring you that kind of product if everyone adheres to the guidelines that we have outlined for you in this packet.  Our dancers have worked hard for this day and they deserve to have it be about them, all of them.  

Center view from stage
Side view and box seats
Side view and box seats
Box Seats - upper and lower
Dance Images Dance & Music Center
184 Pleasant Valley St. Suite 1-101
Methuen, MA 01844
School Office: 978-975-2685

Dance Images West 
Dance & Music Center
4415 W. Clearwater Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336
School Office: 509-292-6636

Dance Recital Info (Kennewick)
Sat., June 17th.

Please arrive with your dancer promptly at 5:45pm and have their hair and makeup done. Don’t forget your tickets!

Tickets go on sale May 1st and are general seating.
$10.00 for ages 7 and up, free for children under 7 and will be sold at the studio as well as at the show.

Bring a chair or blanket for seating.


Hair and Makeup

Since our show is outdoors this year and we shouldn’t need much stage lighting, heavy makeup is not required.

Preschool and Prep: Eye shadow in brown tones, mascara, blush dusted on the cheek bones and pink lip gloss.

Beginner and Intermediate: Foundation, eye shadow in brown tones, eyeliner, mascara, blush dusted 
on the cheek bones and wine colored lipstick.

Advanced: Foundation, eye shadow in brown tones, eye liner, false eye lashes, blush 
dusted on the cheek bones and wine colored lipstick.

Preschool and Prep: Slicked high pony tail, curled. (Make sure you use plenty of 
hairspray and/or gel to slick the hair back.)

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced: We will go over how todo the hair in class.

*No jewelry or nail polish, please.



Preschool: Girls-Party dress (pink, purple, blue, yellow), spandex shorts under dress.Matching hair bow. Pink ballet shoes.
Mason- Black slacks, white button up, roll up sleeves, black bow tie. Black ballet shoes.

Prep Ballet: One piece colorful bathing suit, bring in $10 for hair flower, sarong and Hawaiian leis. Ballet shoes.

Prep Tap: White denim shorts (target has some for $9.99) 
Navy blue tank (Target has them for $5.00), white hair bow, tap shoes.

Prep Hip Hop: Black leggings, pink tank top, denim vest (on sale at Gymboree for14.99). 
Black hair bow. Black tennis shoes with no-show socks.

Beginner Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Black flower for hair. Bring in $15 for ballet skirt.

Beginner Hip Hop: Black leggings, red tank, red hair bow. Black tennis shoes.

Intermediate Ballet: Black leotard of choice, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Intermediate Jazz: Black above the knee dress, black shorts to go under dress. Black headpiece.

Intermediate Contemporary: Solid colored leotard. (We’ll talk about colors in class)

Intermediate Hip Hop: Black leggings, black sneakers, black no-show socks. Black tank top, denim vest.

Advanced Ballet: (See Miss Savannah about what to order)

Advanced Jazz: Black leggings, crop top (See Miss Savannah about top)

Advanced Musical Theater: Spaghetti strap black leotard, black choker. (See Ms Erika)

Advanced Hip Hop: Black leggings, black sports bra, cut off football jersey, black sneakers, no-show socks.